Lesco Bill

Lesco (Lahore Electric Supply Company) provides electricity to regions in Lahore. Buddy, you didn’t received your electricity bill yet? No worries you are in the right place we’ll provide you proper guidelines about your lesco bill. No need to get in lines to get your electricity bill in your hand, we are here to provide you your bill. Lesco is a company which provides electricity to Lahore circles.

Primary Functions of LESCO Bill:

Electricity Distribution:

Lesco provides electricity distribution to different types e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. If we talk about the goal of this company then they are focusing on the reliable connection to everyone.

Billing and Customer Services:

Lesco itself handles each kind of billing operations and customer services. Includes main tasks like meter reading, generating bills, and monitor customer complaints and queries directly. As mentioned before they only focus on quality work rather than quantity.

Infrastructure Maintenance:

Infrastructure of lesco is top ranked structure in electricity pharm. Main role in infrastructure of lesco is maintaining power lines, substations, and other electrical equipment’s so that the process of electricity to their region work smoothly.

Power Theft Prevention:

Now a days, there is a big issue of electricity theft. Lesco manage every connection and check the accessibility of each connection so that electricity couldn’t be theft. Lesco company makes plans for theft anti team and this team only works on theft procedure if by any chance a connection came into place then they take strict action.

LESCO Bill Check Online:

Want to check your online bill? Click on the button Check your bill now and you’ll get all information of your bill regards.

  1. Access wisdombeyond.com
  2. Click on the button below check your bill
  3. Enter your 14 digit reference no on it
  4. Press enter to check your bill and get duplicate copy in pdf form

These are the steps to check your electricity bill of lesco and if you have any query or not able to find your bill then you may contact us through contact form.

lesco bill check

How to find Reference no in LESCO Bill:

Aren’t able to find reference no of your electricity bill? No worries we are here to assist you and provide you proper guidelines regards this you need to follow the given steps.

  • Previous Bill: From your previous bill you will get your reference no as mentioned in the given picture above.
  • Lesco Online Portal: In that case you don’t have any previous bill then also no need to worry just visit official website of lesco and enter your name and address once your account information came in front of you then you’ll get reference no or consumer no of you bill.
  • Customer Service Center: In that case you even didn’t find any information of your account using lesco online portal then you need to visit any lesco customer service center with your CNIC copy. A team will be there to assist you regarding your query and also provide you every information that you need.
Lesco Bill

Areas under LESCO Bill:

LESCO (Lahore Electric Supply Company) provides electricity to five districts in Punjab. If you are situated in any of the given list then you are a lesco customer.

  1. Kasur
  2. Lahore
  3. Nankana
  4. Okara
  5. Sheikhupura

Following is the detailed overview of all operation circles which came under the 5 districts.

Sr# Circles Details
1 Central Lahore Circle – CLC 5 Divisions CLC / 31 Sub Divisions CLC
2 Eastern Lahore Circle – ELC 4 Divisions ELC / 23 Sub Divisions ELC
3 Okara Circle – OC 4 Divisions OC / 23 Sub Divisions OC
4 South-Eastern LHR Circle – SEC 4 Divisions SEC / 26 Sub Divisions SEC
5 Sheikhupura Circle – SC 4 Divisions SC / 18 Sub Divisions SC
6 Kasur Circle – KC 5 Divisions KC / 30 Sub Divisions KC
7 Nankana  Circle – NC 4 Divisions NC / 16 Sub Divisions NC

LESCO Bill Peak Hours:

Lesco Bill peak hours of 2024 are as bellow

  1. December to February 05 PM to 09 PM
  2. March to May 06 PM to 10 PM
  3. June to August 07 PM to 11 PM
  4. September to November 06 PM to 10 PM

LESCO Bill Online Payment:

Hey buddy! Are you curious to pay your electricity bill hurray J why you are worried about that just follow the given steps

You can pay your electricity bill in Pakistan using online modes like

  1. Jazz cash
  2. Bank App
  3. Bank
  4. Easy Paisa
  5. Desired ATM

Chose the method that is easy for you.

Taxes in Lesco Bill:

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA)

FPA, which stands for Fuel Price Adjustment, charge imposed by NEPRA to balance out the differences in the fuel prices.

F.C Surcharge

FC Surcharge basically stands for Financing Cost Surcharge. Rate of this surcharge is 43 Paisa per Unit. If you see fc surcharge in your bill and want to know how they imposed it then multiply the total units consumed by 0.43. For example if your units in your bill consumed are 250 then multiple 250 by 0.43 like 250*0.43= 107.5.

TV Fee

In Lesco Bill, there’s a section named TV fees and its cost is fixed that is 35 RS.

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment

QAT imposed on bill after every 3 months four times a year.

General Sales Tax (GST)

17% fixed GST charges on every bill.

TR Surcharge

TR Surcharge stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge is a charge that is imposed by NEPRA.


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